Installing Railo on Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 with EBS Volumes

UPDATE: This post was originally created in June 2010.  There are much more convenient, one-click installs for Railo on EC2 now. (Whooh!  That's a long-winded title!) I've become a big fan of Railo as an alternative to Adobe Coldfusion Server, particularly because of its ability to easily connect to Amazon S3.  I love what Amazon S3 offers in terms of inexpensive file storage, and our latest project,, takes full advantage of the Railo/S3 feature. It's been quite a learning experience, however, in getting the right setup together for deployment of Railo on Amazon EC2, mainly because a) I'm still pretty new to understanding Linux as a whole, and b) I really want my files to be easily backed up - which can be time consuming if storing your Web site files on the main EC2 drives. I've written up this simple guide to explain how I have currently set up Railo on Ubuntu using Tomcat, on Amazon EC2 with EBS volumes to simplify the backup of your website's files and database by using the EBS snapshot feature.
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Create Your Own, Customized Web Portal

This week, Concepcion Design launches a new service called The Client Space. It's an interface ideal for small businesses that need to share media with clients on a regular basis. By signing up, you get your very own client access portal, which you can customize to fit the look of your business. Create individual logins for your clients, upload media and let them know when there's material up for review. The Client Space takes the hassle out of sharing media with your clients.  Forget about emailing huge files, or putting everything on an FTP.  Upload your media, let your client know, and your project will move much faster.
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How To Take a Screenshot From Quicktime

Many of our clients are involved in television production, or in the case of PlaySportsTV, are a complete online video network. When it comes to putting video on the web, you've got a ton of options to choose from: YouTube, Vimeo, premium video services, and then locally on your site. Sometimes, however, the thumbnail created by most video services may sometimes not always be the one you want - or in the case of the "local" solution, you need to generate a thumbnail yourself anyway. So you need to make your own screenshot. In most cases your video will be a Quicktime movie, or mp4 (as this has become very popular - particularly since many mp4 files can be played on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad).
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New Concepcion Design Logo and Site Relaunch

What's in a logo?  Why is it important?  And why has Concepcion Design gone through all these logo variations in such a short period of time? First off, your logo goes on everything - business cards, invoices, and your Web site.  It helps define your company and the work you do.  Now, I'm not saying I don't like the older ones - I do, but as the business changed, so did the company's image.
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